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What the Pros are Saying...

“I formally declare this ‘The Mother of All Reference Books’. If you can’t find it here, you probably don’t need to know it!”
- Dan Mulder, AirTran

“This book will turn virtually any pilot into an aviation guru! It truly does cover every real world aviation topic in excruciating detail and - more importantly - it does it in a uniquely easy to read, fun, and easy to understand manner using PLAIN ENGLISH. It actually makes it fun to look up a subject because you don’t have to wade through mountains of legal gibberish to get to the bottom line.”
- Vinnie Criscuola, US Airways

“…I keep searching for a subject that is not completely covered… I give up!”
- Joe Parks, NetJets

“The most valuable book in my library. I wish it had been available years ago. It would have saved me countless hours of research / study time and hundreds of dollars wasted on other books.”
- Andre Missfeldt, AirTran

"Richie has an extremely readable style. Words highlighted with bold / underlined text make it possible to retrieve all the relevant facts from a page in just a few seconds, rather than having to sift through numerous muddled paragraphs of boring print. This groundbreaking style is a great time saver. I also love the imbedded humor."
- Mark Wainscott, DHL

"At last, an extremely detailed analysis of aviation covering all the bases from props to jets. If you’re a Private pilot or an Airline pilot you MUST have this book. Richie seems to know exactly what you’re looking for… then immediately hands it to you on a silver platter. I feel like I’ve suddenly become an aviation scholar (as long as my copy of ‘THE BOOK’ is close at hand)."
- Rob Fergus, Flight Options

“An unbelievable amount of information crammed into one book. I think it could more accurately be called ‘The World Encyclopedia of Aviation in Plain English’.”
- Gus Alvarez, Embry Riddle

"Where was this book when I needed it? It would have saved me countless of hours of study time in preparation for my first type rating. An enormous collection of information and pearls of wisdom that I will have to admit, pretty much covers EVERYTHING for just about every pilot."
- Chris Royals, Shuttle America



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$59.95 (Physical Book)

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450 pages (8.5 x 11) crammed with virtually EVERY scrap of information essential and necessary for EVERY PILOT.

The ULTIMATE REFERENCE BOOK that explains all aspects of aviation from PROPS to HEAVY JETS.

Don’t waste thousands of dollars on a library of other books. Everything in one place, in PLAIN ENGLISH, and super easy to find.

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