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What the Pros are Saying...

“I formally declare this ‘The Mother of All Reference Books’. If you can’t find it here, you probably don’t need to know it!”
- Dan Mulder, AirTran

“This book will turn virtually any pilot into an aviation guru! It truly does cover every real world aviation topic in excruciating detail and - more importantly - it does it in a uniquely easy to read, fun, and easy to understand manner using PLAIN ENGLISH. It actually makes it fun to look up a subject because you don’t have to wade through mountains of legal gibberish to get to the bottom line.”
- Vinnie Criscuola, US Airways

“…I keep searching for a subject that is not completely covered… I give up!”
- Joe Parks, NetJets

“The most valuable book in my library. I wish it had been available years ago. It would have saved me countless hours of research / study time and hundreds of dollars wasted on other books.”
- Andre Missfeldt, AirTran

"Richie has an extremely readable style. Words highlighted with bold / underlined text make it possible to retrieve all the relevant facts from a page in just a few seconds, rather than having to sift through numerous muddled paragraphs of boring print. This groundbreaking style is a great time saver. I also love the imbedded humor."
- Mark Wainscott, DHL

"At last, an extremely detailed analysis of aviation covering all the bases from props to jets. If you’re a Private pilot or an Airline pilot you MUST have this book. Richie seems to know exactly what you’re looking for… then immediately hands it to you on a silver platter. I feel like I’ve suddenly become an aviation scholar (as long as my copy of ‘THE BOOK’ is close at hand)."
- Rob Fergus, Flight Options

“An unbelievable amount of information crammed into one book. I think it could more accurately be called ‘The World Encyclopedia of Aviation in Plain English’.”
- Gus Alvarez, Embry Riddle

"Where was this book when I needed it? It would have saved me countless of hours of study time in preparation for my first type rating. An enormous collection of information and pearls of wisdom that I will have to admit, pretty much covers EVERYTHING for just about every pilot."
- Chris Royals, Shuttle America




"The book is great. It’s practically the only reference I use now. I wish this would have been available when I started flying in the early 80's. Keep up the good work and thanks for a great book. It is one of the true bargains in aviation. Thanks!"

G. Dennis Biggers
Charlotte, NC

"Hi Richie,

Outstanding book!

I am an 1100 hour CFI and have begun the journey toward earning my ATP sometime next year.

I have a pretty good library of books, and this and the ASA ATP written test guide will probably be used for about 90% of my studying. I've learned a lot of great gouge to use in teaching my primary and instrument students.

The rules-of-thumb are great!"

Scott Fitzpatrick
New River, VA

"Hey, SUPER book Richie. Easy reading and good terms.

Plain english is much easier to understand.

You put together a superb book with meaningful information that is useful and used in everyday flying, where as other books just run on and on about nothing.

Thank you,

Richard Rowe
Corpus Christi, TX

"I've flipped through that Jepp FARs Explained book a few times; it didn't look any easier to read than my FAR/AIM so I passed it over.

To be honest, because of the quality of your book, it will sell itself. I brought it to the flight club the other day and I had guys flipping through it saying things like, 'Wow where did you get this?'. Congratulations on your accomplishment and happy flying!"

Ed Graham
Tustin, CA

"I read about the book in one of the pilot message boards (pro pilot?).

And what do I think?

It's the only book I reference now (AIM, FAR all stay on the shelf) and it gets to go flying with me. Having been 135, 125 and 121 (and now back to 135), it really brings all that trivia stuff together.

Thanks so much for a GREAT book!"


Robert Gillman
Hamburg, NY

"By far THE best aviation book I've ever read.

Your writing style and explanation of the material is easily understood.

Thanks again for all your efforts."

Chris Rocha
Henderson, NV


"The book is great. It truly is a 'one stop shop' for anything and everything. It's written without the legalese and jargon (that a certain Colorado company uses) and is easy to understand.

I've been a flight instructor for 6 years now and this is the by far the simplest reference. I also like the inclusion of Pt 121/135 info. It allows me to show my students what to expect on the next step of their aviation career.

One of my instructor buddies in Europe was surfing the net and stumbled across your page. I took a look at the excerpts and immediately decided to buy the book.

Congrats on a fine piece of aviation reference material!"

Lee Ruffell
Glendale, AZ

"First, the book is a keeper! (if possible).

I have a few ways to measure the quality of your work. My house/office is used for a crashed pad for 135/121 friends. My aviation library is located in the office.

I can always tell the unique prized books… they disappear. So far your book has been in 4 different states with 3 different pilots. The book resides once again in my library after being "borrowed" countless times.

I have also used the contents of this book to quiz CFI/II/MEI's and DE's. Talk about having an upper hand, it’s almost scary. I'll never forget the
responses I received on FAR 91.144 (Flight Operations during Abnormally High Barometric Pressure Conditions).

I am firm believer in "knowledge is power" and your book truly epitomizes that saying.

I own the www.ILSApproach.com and www.WillFly4Food.com websites.

Your book was posted in a thread along with a friend's interview book — a G-V Captain who answers questions and writes articles for my
site a.k.a. TIS (The Interview Specialist).

Your book had very positive feedback!!! Had to have it.

Thanks, and wonderful work"

Steve Sexton
Glendale, AZ

"Received my copy just the other day, not only have I had a hard time putting it down, I've had a harder time keeping my F/O from stealing it. He's now purchased his own copy. I’m only on chapter 2 but I've already picked up a wealth of information (and retained it to boot:o) not an easy task for me sometimes. I have found it to be a very easy read, not dry at all like most other publications. Sure wish I had a copy many moons ago, it could have saved me countless time and money with all references in one place. I HIGHLY recommend it for everyone's library.

Such a wonderful book I have to buy a second as a gift.

I can’t believe you include your cell # and a personal thank you on the cover letter I got with the book... don't ever remember Jepp doing that.

I'll be sure to pass the word along to others on what a great product you have created."

Thankx Richie!

Jesse Gould
Oklahoma City, OK

"Awesome book!! It has exceeded my expectations!! It really does explain EVERYTHING in a "user friendly" way. From a student pilot to an airline Captain... ALL will benefit!!

I’m using it to study for my upcoming Captain upgrade/type ride at a regional airline.

Thanks for such a great tool!"

Jeff Balaam
Yardley, PA
SF340 F/O

Hi Richie,

"Your book is exactly what I was looking for, and I kind of knew that when I ordered it; so it was no surprise :) Thank you for making such a great contribution to the aviation community; this book is by far the best resource I have ever bought.

There is in it much more than the Jeppesen instrument commercial, for a cost of 60% less!

I’ve already recommended it to all of my students."


Alex Henry
Tracy, CA

Hi Richie,

"I have started reading the book from cover to cover, which is just how I do this sort of reading. So far, I am extremely impressed with the content. I really like the way things are crossed referenced.

In my humble opinion this should be a must have reference book.

Thanks for a great product!"

Jim Martin
Fishers, IN


"I love the book, it's by far the most useful book I have and I've spent the last 2 weeks reading almost all of it. It has provoked some interesting discussions among my fellow instructors, and I hope they order a copy.

The owner of ATP, Mr. Dennis, was also impressed by the book. It fits in well with the way we operate at ATP, avoiding unnecessary complexity and getting the job done.

I also think the book will really help when I begin interviewing with airlines at some point, increasing my knowledge of some of the more advanced concepts.

I heard about the book from a post on flightinfo.com. Everybody wrote great comments about it.

I know that getting a book published is expensive especially for a small printing run, but this book has massive potential. Everyone that has seen it wants one."


Paul Craig
Jacksonville, FL


"First off let me say a huge THANK YOU for making such a book!

It is by far the best aviation guide book i have ever had the pleasure of reading. I know find myself reading it before i go to bed every night as well as constantly looking at it at work and i just cant put it down.

Every time i look at it i find something new i didn't realize before.

I definitely give you 5 stars for a great book that replaces all the other fligh training aids I’ve wasted my money on!

I found out about your book from my flight instructor Scott Fitzpatrick and i have recommended it to many of my fellow workers and friends (soon to be pilots).

I got my friend Adam Volk to look at your book and he wanted to know how he could get one right away! and he did purchase one already.

Every where i go when there's pilots they see the book and say "what's that?" and as soon as they start flipping through the pages they wont give it back and they all ask where i got it from.

I think this book is a true gift for the flying community from the private pilot to the airline captain!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!"

Ryan Hughes
Vinton, VA

"I love it! It is my new aviation bible!

Two friends of mine, Sam Bigelow and Jessie Gould both recommended the book. I am now your latest poster child for the book, and I’ve been showing it to everyone!

Thanks again for a GREAT product!"

CB Hilterman
Kissimmee, FL


"Just a note to let you know that word is really starting to spread.

There are a few Air Cargo Carrier crews that overnight in MCI with us. I've let them know that they need to invest. There's also a line guy/CFI who is going to make a purchase and hopefully he'll spread the word at his school. My F/O has informed a friend of his in Chicago he must buy a copy as well.

But perhaps the best story is about my friend Sam. I gave him my copy as a gift on his upcoming upgrade. Like all of us thus far he was unable to put it down. Turns out that it was a good investment in time.

There were a number of questions during his 8 hour oral with the Fed that he said he would not have been able to answer without the help from your book.

At one point however the Fed disagreed with one of the answers he gave, his solution, to pull out your book and show him. The Fed was so impressed he said he was going to order a copy after the check ride :)

So that is how things have been going on my end. Sam said he has a few friends in California that will probably order as well.

Just trying to help spread the word as we all feel it is worthwhile.

Can't wait for my next copy to get here :)"

Jess Gould
Oklahoma City, OK


"Your book is fantastic!

It is absolutely, positively without a doubt the best book I have ever purchased. Thank you!

I read a post about it on flightinfo.com"

James Veomett
Kapolei, HI

Hi Richie,

"The book is great. I find it very useful for looking up answers to questions I get when training.

It is also fun to read. Which is unheard of when you think about reading government documents. It is also much easier to read the FAR/AIM and other government publications.

The lettering is large font and it’s laid out in a way that is easy to follow. I find myself picking it up and reading a section and putting it down. Only to pick it up again a few minutes later.

Everyone that sees it wants one. I think you have a real winner here."

Andre Ferreri
Fort Mill, SC


"Thank you so much for creating this book.

I've only gone through two chapters so far and I feel that this is the best aviation text book I've ever seen.

It’s not even a text book. It’s more of a guide that channels you directly to the real world."

Danny Lozano
Roanoke, VA


"I received your book three weeks ago and I love it.

I recently had a stage check for my instrument rating. I aced the oral, mostly because of your book, so I just wanna say thanks for putting it all together!

I've advertised your book to all of my flight buddies, so hopefully you'll get some more sales from over here in Ohio."


Austin Fuhrig
Kent State Aviation

Hey Richie,

"Love it.

Take it with me on the road for quick and easy reference. Try to sell it wherever I go."

Roger Walker
Yorktown, VA

Hello Richie,

"I feel compelled to give you some feedback.

It’s great to have one book I can go to find whatever I'm looking for. I can't think of any specifics to add. I really like the diagrams of the airplane antennas. I get them mixed up myself so now can refer to the diagram when I'm pointing them out to my students. Its a really interesting and comprehensive book and I'm trying to get myself to go through it page by page. I've left it out on my desk at work so my co-workers can take a look at it. We're mostly aspiring pilots so when things get slow we quiz each other on stuff. Of course Jepp has a lot of nice training books (nice pictures!) but none of them are anywhere as comprehensive as yours. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with the aviation community,"

Holly Richert
Denver, CO

"About your book.

I absolutely love it!

Not as much as a real live human woman, but it has its moments!"

Capt Robert Bullock, USAF
Oklahoma City

Mr. Lengel;

"The book is VERY comprehensive, I'm going to use it as a source for those hard to find questions when studying for airline interviews.

Your book will be a pretty solid studying resource for my upcoming airline interview.

I like the fact that you included far 121 and 135 regs in addition to part 91.

I was skipping around in the book for about 2 hours the other day as I waited for my car to get fixed at the shop. I was impressed (and IT HELD MY ATTENTION FOR THAT WHOLE PERIOD OF TIME--that's pretty impressive in itself!!).

I heard about it on flightinfo.com, in one of the forums. Many people recommended your book! They were right!

Thanks for such a detailed, correct, and comprehensive product!!!"

Very Respectfully;

Matt Gammon
Oak Harbor, WA

Hi Richie-

"Here's some feed back for you:

So far I've basically just thumbed through it and picked random subjects that I've always been interested to get more information on.

I’m very impressed. Your book is going to be a great addition to my aviation library (wait a minute… do I actually need that library anymore?;o).

I heard about your book through an FO that I fly with regularly.

Hopefully word will get out and you'll be able to make it visible to more pilots.

I'll do my part and definitely recommend it to other pilots and help steer them in the right direction to finding it.

It's obvious that you've spent a great deal of time researching and collecting information on all aspects of our national airspace system.

I still have not found a single subject that is not covered.

Thanks for your contribution to decoding all that legalese!"

Randy Jolley
Arlington, VA

Hi Richie,

"I just received your book and I got to tell you my initial impression is far beyond what I had expected!

Truly impressive! I have flown for four years, worked as an instructor for two and just had my first airline interview last week and I didn't expect the book to cover so many aspects as it does.

Above all it's also easy to read... I'm sure I'll go through it fairly quickly without any major effort... Excellent work! I'll definitely recommend it to my own students and colleagues!

Keep up the great work!"

Thank you,

Kristian Langdell
Port Orange, FL

Hey Richie,

"I am a flight instructor for the Charlotte Flying Club at Monroe.

This is one of the best books I have ever seen and I am not exaggerating.

I have been looking for a book that will help me stay current and not have to read ten other text books.

Thank you for all you hard work put in to it, it definitely was worth it. I will be showing all my students this book."


Nate Waltz
Waxhaw, NC

Mr. Lengel,

"I am a PADI scuba instructor, US Coast Guard 100 Master Pilot, sail and towing endorsed and a practicing attorney and I have never in any field ran across a better written and more entertaining treatise."


Eugene Wahl Jr.
Fort Smith, AR

Hello Sir;

"I'm a good friend of Mr. Jesse Gould, who has introduced me to your book, which I affectionately refer to as "the bible"

I find your book to be an amazing resource and I carry it along in the plane with me wherever I go. I also work for SkyWay, and as an upgrade present Jesse gave me a copy of your book.

My FAA examiner on my type rating ride was so impressed with some of my knowledge on my oral exam that he asked me how I knew some of the things that I did, I told him I learned it all from the bible, I showed him your book and he said he would surely have to order a copy for himself!

I've since read it cover to cover several times.

I'm ordering this copy for a friend of mine that has been asking me non-stop about your book since I got my copy. Just wanted to commend you on an amazing job with the book, by far the best I've come across in my short aviation career.

Personally think it should be kept inside every airplanes cockpit next to the Flight Manual. Wish I could have found this book 4 years ago while I was training! would of saved me a bundle! would-a been the only book I would of needed!

Thanks for the great reference book! An excellent read!"

Kind Regards,

Sam Bigelow
Oklahoma City, OK


"The book arrived today, thanks again for the super fast shipping.

I've been pitching your book to several of my professors at Embry Riddle. (I'm currently doing my Masters there via distance studies) Also been doing my best spreading the word at work, CB Hilterman, one of our "dispatchers" ordered one a while back after looking at my copy and being unable to put it down!

I'm getting the "word" out the best I can. I figure it's the least I can do with all the valuable info you've put together for me in this "bible" as I like to call it, for a mear $70! This is one of those books that really, makes learning fun, so to speak!

No pilot can "know it all" but with this book near by, the answer is only a few pages away! Such a comprehensive, fun filled illustrated book, written by a pilot for pilots... not the usual which is written by a lawyer for a pilots...

As I said before; figure "the bible" will, at the very least keep me out of trouble with the Fed's throughout my career and for that alone it's worth it's weight in gold! :) Not to mention what it did for me in preparing for my captain upgrade and type ride with the FAA. It really prepared me for everything for the type ride, from weather mins, misc regs, to PIC experience req's. Stuff that the Fed didn't even know! And like I said he asked me how I knew some of that.... and I show'd him your book.... said... that's how... Keep up the GREAT work my friend.

As far as I'm concerned, you've written the "Aviation Bible" and in my books that makes you...... well.... Avaition God... :)

Thanks again, keep in touch."

Blue skies and tailwinds!



"I think the book is fantastic! I heard about the book from an airline pilot friend of mine. Being an airline pilot myself, it's nice to have a book like this. A comprehensive review, accompanied with an excellent index section, allows for a quick look up of desired topics. I can't thank you enough for spending the time to consolidate so much information into a light-hearted, humorous format."

Best Regards,

Randall Coultas
Cincinnati, OH


"Great book! Entertaining. Detailed, but hard to put down.

It's going to take awhile to go through all of it, but I learned a lot already after reading parts of it.

Thanks for putting this book together! "

Chuck Kissner
Los Altos Hills, CA


"I think the book is excellent. I don't think it is too much of an exaggeration to say that if you can't find what you want in the book you don't need to know it.

I have a very technical background and I know the FAR's very well and I'm very impressed with the way the book is put together. It's particularly useful for me because I fly Part 91 as an owner and instructor and also fly Part 135 and it's sometimes a challenge to keep all the regs straight.

I do have one thought you might want to consider. As good as your book is, the title is perhaps a little misleading. If a prospective buyer reads the word 'Professional' in the title and they aren't getting paid to fly, they may not even pick up the book or read about it. I think that might cut into your sales a bit and it's unfortunate because this book is great for ANYONE who flies. Changing the title at this time may not be a viable option or even a good one but perhaps the advertising or book cover could emphasize its applicability to all pilots.

A friend of mine (Jeffrey Weiss) had the book at his house where I picked it up. I was immediately impressed with it.

I have recommended your book to a number of other pilots who fly professionally as well as some who are just flying Part 91.

Good luck with your book and feel free to contact me any time."

Charles Morina
Pearland, TX

Good Morning Richie,

"Your book is great! I picked it up from the Post Office after I had taken my ATP written. What a difference reading your book after working my way through the FAR/AIM for the last 2 weeks! The matter-of-fact attitude is refreshing and the organization "reduces workload" for finding the information you need.

I showed my aircraft partner the book as we were driving home from the airport. His first words were (jokingly): "Oh, so now you're a professional pilot. Pretty soon us private pilots won't be able to talk to you anymore". He was quiet as he flipped through the pages for about 5 minutes. His next words were: 'I'm buying this book'."

Thanks for your efforts!

Carl Bergman
Goleta, CA

Mr. Lengel,

"I received your book early last week and had the opportunity to review a few sections before leaving on another eight day rotation on the road as an FO for Flight Options.

I would strongly recommend this book to all ex-military aviators like me who need a text that will cull the BS out of the FAR’s, leaving a simple, often humorous explanation, a sort of “FAR’s for Dummies”. Thanks for writing it."

Robert Harter
Tampa, FL


"I have plowed through most of the book and it truly is a complete and well-done book.

I would recommend it to not only those seeking a profession in aviation but to the recreational/personal general aviation pilot as well. It is readable and understandable.

I flew in the military for nearly 22 years and have flown privately over the last 18 years and I wish I had this book earlier.

One comment I would make. The book is a fantastic value for the money. However, I hope the price does not turn off some beginning pilots that would benefit from the excellent compendium of aviation knowledge. I will pass on the word and post some comments on various sites also. "

Good luck,

Paul Hollowell
Venice, FL


"I bought your book about a week ago, and i have been using it to study for my private pilot checkride.

That book is great, everything is easy to find, easy to understand, and you have great explanations for everything. My instructor bought the book about two weeks before i did, he let me barrow it, then i got hooked. I will recommend your book to every pilot I know."

Anthony Watson
Glendale, AZ


"You did a fantastic job writing the book. An incredible amount of excellent information.

I been in aviation for 25 years and I'm an aviation books collector.

In my personal aviation library I have almost 1,000 books but your’s seems to put it all together!

Truly unique.

Great job Richie!"

All the best,

Roberto Serrano
Miami, FL

"Excellent Book!!!!!!!

I heard about your book from FLYING magazine’s review and it sounded interesting so I checked it out at your website.

I like how you include excerpts from the book on your website which helped me finalize my decision to buy it.

The standard FAR/AIM is down right complicated and they also make it extremely hard to find what you’re looking for.

With your book I can review the FARs in plain English and find what I want very quickly (what a GREAT index!).

The outline format makes memorizing the topics a breeze for me.

Thank you very much for an excellent resource. Undoubtedly it’ll be the most frequently used book in my library!"

Matthew Meissner
Ellicott City, MD

Good Morning Mr. Lengel

"I heard about this book at My Flight School Fredrick Flight Center in Fredrick Maryland. I am finishing up my Commercial Multi and one of my Instructors had that book on his desk. I thumbed through it out of curiosity and could not put it down. I currently have 300 total with about 105 multi and my goal is to fly for a regional in the near future. I found the book VERY INFORMATIVE and easy to read. I am sure it will help me to attain my dream. Thanx for such a well thought out compilation."


Orville Gordon
Glenn Dale, MD

Hello Richie

"I actual heard about the book at the Wisconsin Check Pilot School the weekend of July 24th. A fellow CFI/friend had the book with him and after taking a look at it I though there is some great value here and a great quick reference.

After receiving my book I shared it with other CFI’s at the La Crosse Civil Air Patrol Squadron and a local DPE @ the FBO which I know for sure you should have gotten a few sales out of my showing off of my book.

Everybody that saw it was impressed and wanted to know how to get a one.

The Civil Air Patrol uses the Rod Machado Private Pilot Handbook which is one of my favorite books for students, but your book is a great reference for the CFI and Commercial pilot.

If your looking for a marketing/sales/accounting person to help you out with sales in the Midwest drop me a line………..I would love to help you out. "

Keep up the good work!

Bonnie Berg
Ettrick, WI

Dear Richie:

"I received your book just over a month ago and have barely been able to put it down since. I am amazed at the ease with which I can access information and find the specific topic I’m looking for.

The book is presented in simple English which makes it easy to read and understand.

I am a pilot and instructor, and this book is a fantastic reference for me and my students as well. This publication will definitely become one of the main sources of reference when I am looking for answers and explanations.

I have suggested the book to my pilot friends and students as it is a must for the library of any aviator.

Congratulations on this excellent project. I hope you will continue with updates to this invaluable material.

Thank you for making Everything Explained available!"

Heinz Kinda
Pompano Beach, FL

Hello Richie,

"I received the book today and love it. I only got to look at a few pages so far...but I really love the content. It is funny, in the first few pages you say the book is written for pilots not lawyers.

My wife is in her second year of law school, and she looked at the book with me and told me that she could "never read a book like that". I laughed and showed her the page that stated the book is for pilots not lawyers. Thanks for everything! Job well done!"

Matthew Nemecek
Merrillville, IN

P.S. I heard about the book on the flightinfo.com message board

Good morning,

"I received your book on Tuesday 8/17 and not put it down since! The information it contains and the way it is written is incredible.

This is an absolute must for every pilot!

P.S. my wife said that book goes or I go… I said bye (just kidding).

Thanx for a winner Richie!!!!!!! "

Jim Mccutcheon, chief pilot
Shoemakersville, PA

'I am the Stan / _Eval Officer for the Wisconsin Wing of the Civil Air Patrol.

I recently conducted the National Check Pilot Standardization Course (NCPSC) here in beautiful La Crosse, WI for all new and veteran Check Pilots (52 total).

One member, Col. Larry Styes gave a brief pitch for the value of your book, followed by Capt. Bonnie Berg who was the first to order from the school. She has been quoting from it ever since. Well, I can't let these two get the better of me, since I feel it's my duty to stay informed.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

A very impressive book and I know of several others intending to order ... including Tim Colgan who owns the local FBO. Any CAP Check Pilot who doesn't have a copy will be in big trouble when I stop by for a visit. Any other pressure tactics you might know that I can use would by appreciated."

Thanks for the note,

Harold Moe
Holmen, WI

Yep, loved it.

"It’s great to have a book that when you have a question you go to the index (where it actually covers and mentions the specific topic), look up the answer, and it’s actually there and easy to understand.

You did a great job with the book; I can’t imagine the hours you’ve invested. I think you’ll do very well with it. I would think Instructors would strongly encourage their students to have this book as a resource.

I sat down with the book for an hour and just thought of topics and questions I was fuzzy about or wanted to “re-verify” and found the answers easily for each one in no time at all thanks to the best index I’ve ever seen.

I am purchasing these other two books for my old instructor and our company pilot for Christmas. I always like to get them something unique like this that I know they don’t have and am striking while the iron’s hot.

Good luck with the book, you should be proud of it. I know you’ll do well with it."

All the best,

John Arnold
Middletown, PA
Petroleum Products Corp.

"I've read my friend's copy of your book and keep going back to it again and again. I am a CFI teaching in multiengine private pilots and instruments for ATP. I think ATP should include this as part of the books for our Career Pilot Program and will make such recommendation to the power that be. I'm going to use the book not only for ground school but also to help me prep for upcoming regional interviews. I look forward to finally having my own copy!"


Barton Pressly
Jacksonville, FL

Mr. Lengel,

"Let me simply say that this is the best reference material I have ever purchased. I have been experimenting with it for a couple of months now and just can't come up with a single question that I can't find the answer to. I also find answers to questions that I didn't know I had as I browse. Finding answers quickly and easily in ONE place is such a great convenience. I also very much enjoy your little jabs at the feds and other appropriately deserving characters. I am recommending the book as a must have to anyone that is active in flying or even considering learning to fly, as it is that comprehensive. There is everything for everyone in there regardless of degree or amount of aviation exposure. Thank you for all your efforts."

Thanks again,

Dave Michaud
Sacramento, CA

Hello Richie,

"A few days ago, I had some friends over for a study group. We're all gearing up for airline interviews at the same time. As we went through our toughest questions, the answers became harder and harder to find. My friend Pete had your book, and as time would have it, we would begin to look to his book for more and more of the answers, because they were easier to find, and more concise. At the end of the night, I declared that I needed my own copy. Great book!! I've been flying for 15 years, yet somehow I had never heard of it until just the other night. I'll be one of your strongest promoters now. "

The book rocks,

Hi Richie,

"I first read about Everything Explained on one of the flightinfo.com forums, but the thing that finally pushed me to order it was a recommendation from a friend who is a captain at Airborne Express. He raved about it and said that he and a lot of his friends always keep a copy in their flight cases because it is so much more informative and easier to use than the FAR/AIM or the company ops manual. "


John Domena
Norfolk, VA

Dear Richie.
"I would just like to write a few lines about your book.

I was instantly impressed by the amount of information but also how it is presented. I prepared and passed the Netjets Europe selection with your book!!
Job well done! "

Kind regards

Caspar Roth
Bigogno, Switzerland

"I am a corporate co-pilot and fly out of Carlsbad, CA. The pilot I fly with is Caleb Taylor who is the owner of ProFlight. Caleb has over 25 yrs experience and somewhere in the neighborhood of 15,000 hours and he told me it is one of the best publications he has seen on aviation. With his recommendation and seeing his copy I figured I had to get one myself."

Thank you so much!

Rick Scholl
Carlsbad, CA

From www.rantair.blogspot.com

"A few days back (Christmas day, actually), a good buddy of mine in Phoenix was nice enough to invite me to his place for Christmas dinner while I was sitting on reserve. After dinner (which was great, by the way), while shooting the bull, he mentioned an aviation reference book he'd just gotten. Only mildly interested at first (since my office bookshelves are stacked with aviation books), I sort of nodded and said "ah-hah" a lot while paying more attention to watching the Green Bay Packers get humiliated in the final seconds of the game.
My interest peaked only after he put the book in my hands and said, "Check it out!"

The first thing I thought when I saw it was, "Well that looks familiar. Where have I seen it before?" My buddy explained that he got it from an ad on that flame-vault of an aviation BBS that I no longer visit (very often).

Then, I opened the book.
I've been involved with aviation for over ten years, but by simply letting the book open itself, I was presented with a simple concept I hadn't known! How often do you open a reference book on a subject you're thoroughly familiar with and learn something from the first words your eyes catch??

The answer is not very often!

A few short minutes later, I found myself thinking, "Okay. I've gotta have a copy for myself." After I got back to the crash-pad that night, I jumped on the internet and visited the "flame-vault" to click on the ad for the book. A couple of seconds later, I had one on its way to my home!

It arrived today, and it happened again. I thumbed-opened the book and was once again presented with a piece of aviation information that had eluded my Hoover (not J. Edgar) of a brain some time in the past! And then another! AND ANOTHER!!
After spending the better part of an hour with this book in my lap, I've come to realize that I am nowhere NEAR the student-of-the-craft I once was. Having flown exclusively in the IFR environment under an airline's Operations Specifications for the past eight years has left me severely deficient in many areas of knowledge. The book not only breaks FARs down into plain English, but it cross-references them to aviation case law to ensure the reader's complete understanding of the concepts discussed. Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot is truly the Mother of All Reference Books!

This book now provides me with an extremely well-organized reference by which to restart my study of the entire world of aviation. It also leaves me with a strong desire to renew my CFI and start teaching again (No, Alan, I haven't done that yet. You can slug me when you see me next!)

So here's a big thanks to Richie Lengel for taking fifteen years of his life to put together such a book..."a book written for pilots, not lawyers!" It's not available at just any pilot shop, so visit Richie's website at http://www.aviation-press.com/ to check out a some of excerpts from the book. I'm sure you'll decide that it belongs at the top of your aviation reference book stack, too!"

Glenn Calvin
North Hills, CA
Southwest Airlines

Hi Richie,

" I have received your book, and I have to say -- I am very impressed. It really does contain everything one might ever need to know. It has already proved very valuable for my instrument rating, and it is now my ultimate authority -- whenever I have a question or a disagreement with an instructor, I go to your book, and in just a few seconds… there’s the answer, along with all the relevant references. I suppose a week-end VFR pilot may not need that much material, but any serious pilot should own this book. It's a must-have."

Thanks again.

Let me know when you publish the next edition -- I'll pay for it sight unseen. –

Max Tardiveau
Oakland, CA

Mr. Lengel,
"Thank you for your prompt customer service. I am the Assistant Chief Instructor at a Part 141 school. I ordered your book with the intent of utilizing it for "quick" reference. Now that I have the product in my hand I see that it gives a rather in depth explanation of virtually ALL subjects. It has also been used to research some questions that came up while obtaining our 135 certification. As with most aviation products the way I came across your book was word of mouth. Thanks again "

Mark George
Kansas City, MO

Mr. Lengel,

"This is the 5th copy of your book I have purchased. I try to keep one or two around our flight school and for our 135 charter department, but as you can probably imagine they keep disappearing. I guess I should just buy a few extra copies to sell to students. Anyway the book is a great reference tool, I will not be without a copy."

Jim Martin
Indianapolis Aviation, Inc

Hi Richie,

"To pin-point the exact location as to where I was when I initially heard about your book might be a little difficult....but it was probably somewhere between Los Angeles and Shanghai, while crossing the international dateline...at FL390 if you were wondering. Saw your book sitting on one of the, "soon to be furloughed" Polar Air Cargo 747-400 pilots seat. He was prepping for an upcoming interview and mentioned he read your book more often than the Holy Book (not sure if that's such a good thing to admit out loud, but that's what he said). I skimmed through the pages and thought your book would be a wonderful addition to my, "aviation library".....actually, in truth, I'm starting with your book."

I look forward to reading/using your book....but in the meantime, its shopping time here in Shanghai.


Everett Mellish
La Center, WA

Dear Mr. Lengel,

"I purchased your book, Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot, about a year ago and although have been delinquent in responding to your personally signed letter, I have kept it in order to ensure that I returned the favor - in offering you a thanks and well done on the book. I have read through it many times and continue to used it as a reference, especially as I was studying (and passed, thank goodness!) for my 135 check. As a former military pilot all the rules and regs on civilian aviation came as quite a load to my simple mind and I appreciated the humor (the FAR on required flap settings comes to mind...) and breakdown of the info - don't think you can really break it down enough for someone like me! Referencing the applicable FARs helped as well. Best of luck to you in continues sales of "Everything" and I am, happily, a strong advocate of your book."


Bridget Gies
Spokane, WA


"The book is great, it really helps to see this stuff in plain English! I cannot imagine the hours you've spent cross-referencing this material in the easy to find (notice I said "find," not "understand") places such as the FAR/AIM and not-so-easy places like all the aviation law precedents. I received it on Thursday of this week and have spent about 6 hours perusing the pages thus far. In all the studying I've done for instrument, commercial, multi, CFI, II, and a little bit for the ATP written, I've never seen such a comprehensive publication that can answer any possible question until I received your book."

Thanks again, I'll be in touch with more comments as I think of them.

Jon Williams
Northport, AL

"Thanks for making such a great book!

I first saw it on the shelf of the local Pilot Shop, here at SAT (San Antonio). I bought it and studied it for my ATP check ride and my part 135 check rides. It was such a boon that the owner of our company used it for his check rides and asked me to order a few more to keep at our office for our other pilots to use for their check rides."

Thanks again for making such a great resource available!

John "JB" Sutter
San Antonio, TX

"Richie —I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful book. A fellow pilot let me flip though it before an airline interview and I fell in love with it. I will be starting my airline career in less than two weeks, and will probably have your book under my pillow!"

Thanks again!

Justin Maas
Ithaca, NY
Air Wisconsin New Hire CRJ-200!!

Mr. Lengel

"Thanks for the shipping info about your book. I've heard about your book through many pilots, all of whom are sick and tired of me calling them when I need to know an answer, hence the reason for my getting a book of my own. Your book makes me appear smarter than I actually am. Thanks!"

Chad Hansen
Red Lodge, MT

Hello again.

"I just wanted to give you a little more feedback regarding your book, now that I've had a chance to really get into it. My overall impression is that it is an excellent tool for pilots of any skill/experience level. I recently used it during my check airman training for the various presentations we had to do. Almost as important as the content, is the ease at finding information. I know I have books and manuals that have the info I need, but who wants to spend their time searching. The index is absolutely fabulous. All subjects REALLY ARE “listed by EVERY possible key word that could possibly come to mind, even if it’s a slang term.” I have recommended it to several of my fellow pilots as well. I just wanted to say thank you one more time for taking the time to put together a very practical tool that condenses virtually everything we need to know as pilots."


Joel Cress
Charlotte, NC

Dear Mr. Richie Lengel:

"I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you for your incredible and outstanding Publication (“EVERYTHING EXPLAINED for PROFESSIONAL PILOT”). I think this is a masterpiece in Aviation Publication. I am totally overwhelmed with the incredible amount of precise and accurate information crammed into a single book. CONGRATULATIONS a 1000 times.

Keep up the go work and I will be one of your main advertising tools to sell this outstanding book. (I have already sold 6 to friends of mine)"


Elisha Raitan
Scottsdale, AZ
Captain - Aero Jet Services

Hello Richie,

"First of all, it’s a real honor to have you email me directly, your book is AWESOME. Thanks for publishing it!!!

To answer your question, I learned about the book from a friend/peer of mine. He is a King Air simulator instructor and academics/systems instructor at a Naval training base in Corpus Christi where we graduate about 300 military pilots a year. He also used to be an FAA examiner and did some 135 work. He's one of the smartest guys I know. As a huge aviation-book enthusiast, I imagine he found it online somewhere.

He lent the book to me, but within about 5 minutes I knew I had to have my own copy. I wouldn't be surprised if you get more orders from Texas. It’s the ultimate "gouge" book and is a great decoder of all the fractional, 135, and 121 stuff out there (which is a huge unknown for military transitioning pilots like me).

Again, thanks for publishing the book, its awesome--definitely worth the money. I hope you're very successful with it, and I think you're really going to help out a lot of guys/gals because of it."

Take care and fly safe!

Rich Harrington
Corpus Christi, TX

"The company I fly for “Castle Aviation” had a copy of your book in the pilots lounge (Canton Akron Airport ). As I only had a few minutes between flights I briefly thumbed thru your book.

My initial thoughts were that it was the best written & easy to understand manual that I have ever seen.

As soon as I returned home I immediately surfed the net to order.

I am also an Air Traffic Controller & it is my opinion that your manual explains everything better than any book or manual that I have ever read."

Thanks again.

Best regards,

Dennis Telles
Wellington, OH
Castle Aviation


"Thanks for the e-mail, and the letter that came with the book. I heard about the book from my boss, who ordered a copy as he was preparing to retire from the military. After a five minute review of his copy, I was sold. You can be sure I'll help spread the word for you. I believe your book is the ideal companion for transitioning military pilots preparing for careers in the civilian aviation world. I am quite pleased to have found a product that "puts it all in one bag" for me. Well done."

Best of luck and thanks again,

Don Sterling
Corpus Christi, TX

Hey Richie,

"I'm a professional pilot and I was on a trip to California. I stopped by Sal-Val, they had your book. I purchased it. I’ve had a really great time reading this book.

I think everyone at the FAA should have a copy of it. It would settle a lot of arguments.

Maybe your next book should be about women.........what a best seller that would be!"

Ron Gilbert
Las Vegas, NV

"No Problem Richie… Here we go

I saw your book advertised on flightinfo.com… you get the bad, the good, and the ugly of the industry on that site. It also provides us professionals and others the real story out there in aviation.

The GREATEST recommendation though came from a friend who we interviewed together at an airline.

He bought your book after failing 1st interview, he read your book, used it as study guide, went to next airline interview (where we met) got the JOB !!!!!.

I noticed the cover and ask to "take a peak" while waiting for shuttle to the airport… Lots of info in there. My friend "talked up" about "EVERYTHING EXPLAINED for the Professional Pilot" for 30 minutes at least, and made me promise to get a copy, called me to follow-up on my order to you. I kept my word.

My story, failed the interview with above mentioned friend (bummer), got an offer with another airline. I plan to use your book for reinforcement with my training, to be successful in my training, and pass the word about "EVERYTHING EXPLAINED for the Professional Pilot"


I will keep you posted...

Tom Kollar
Dublin, OH

"Your email asked: Where did I hear about the book?

The examiner with whom I'm scheduled to take my commercial checkride walked into the club with a copy under his arm. When prompted he began speaking in near-religious terms about the greatness of the book. His name is Jeff Heitzberg and is well respected here at KHWD. He showed me a few pages that he found to be good and I was ordering minutes later. Today I received the book and spent an hour with it [remember, I'm about to take my commercial check ride] and I'm flat-out SOLD!

I will use this book forever!

I will suggest to my club owner that he carry it!

I will make it a required purchase for any primary flight student when I become CFI!

I will look forward to seeing it in the flight bag of every pilot I know!

The book will sit prominently on my shelf with Kershner and all of my other books!

And I will find some way to broadcast the quality of your book to the masses as I move through the aviation community.

Thank you for your effort to write this. You have joined me in the cockpit.

Best of luck getting the word out even further. You've made an awesome contribution to aviation."


Greg Paolino
Piedmont, CA

"Hi Richie, Hey, thanks for your wonderful book, and the nice letter that came with it. It's a magnificent resource, and it chills me to imagine the amount of work that must've gone into it. I have been meaning to respond to your request for feedback for some time now, but rudeness, practiced well, becomes easy over time. ;) Attached is a post I made on the Cessna Pilot's Association. I hope you get/have received some hits from it. Thanks again, and best wishes to you,"

Bill Cola
Colfax, CA

“Thank you, Allen Wolpert, for mentioning this excellent book in another thread a few weeks ago:
Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot http://www.aviation-press.com/
It has been within arm's length for about 2 weeks now, and I bore into it, every chance I get. Back when I was a student pilot, I'd pore over FAR's, AIM, and everything I could get my hands on, enjoying every minute of it. Inexplicably, these days, I'm more in love with flying than ever, but have lost some of my taste for reading dry, technical stuff...unfortunately even the aviation-related.
I've been blessed with quality gray matter; experts estimate that it's 70% granite, 26% shale, and 4% inert ingredients. EEftPP is broken down in a way that makes complicated concepts absorbable with a glance, and has the essence of Kershner-esque humor. It will be a huge help in my long-overdue, but greatly desired quest to become a know-it-all.
Sixty bucks is indeed a little strong for a paperback, but it is a pittance for the utility that this book seems to bring.
I heartily recommend it if you feel that your internal aviation database has deteriorated a bit over the years, or especially if you are in the process of building a one new.”

"Thank you for your nice message. Actually, I work for a pilot training facility - FlightSafety International – and I was asked to order these additional copies of the book for our office. The original copy we ordered has been very helpful to us."

Thanks again.

Linda Word
Wichita, KS
FlightSafety Int'l.


"A fellow FAA inspector lent me his book so I had a chance to preview it thoroughly. It definitely brings us back down to earth to see all those rules put together and cross-referenced in such a readable format. It’s a rude awakening that we [inspectors] are not [always] as smart as we think we are!"

Thanks for your efforts.

Kathlyn Hoekstra
Alexandria, VA


"I got the book, thanks. I saw an advertisement posted on the board at the FBO in Corpus Christi. When I went to SIMCOM for King Air C90 training the instructor had the book so I had a chance to take good look at it. He gave it a great endorsement. I think it is a wonderful resource that I will continue to use for years to come. "

Jeff Lewis
Kingsville, TX

"I received the book. It's everything I thought it would be...And then some! I've been pretty much hooked since the introduction… which really had me laughing by the way. It's nice to have a book that takes everything you need to know and spells it out rather than "referring to paragraph (a)(1)(ii) and (c)(2)(iii)". And for those of us that won't read anything without pictures...We win both ways! Haha."

Thanks again,

Taylor Barnard
Bluffton, SC

Hi Richie,

"I work for a 135 charter outfit here on the west coast, North Bay area, and am going through recurrent indoc this week, and noticed the instructor was using it as a reference guide. All the managers swear by it, so I knew I had to have a copy. What a great book!"


Eric Hyde
Sebastopol, CA


"Thanks for the update, I'll keep an eye out for the mail man. To answer your question I first heard about your book from the impressive commentary on armyfixedwing.com. I then had a chance to take a look at a friends copy. I am currently attending the Army fixedwing qualification course (FWMEQC) at the Dothan Airport in Dothan Alabama. I think your book will come in very handy while in the course! I look forward to receiving your excellent book and look forward to any updates."

Thank you.

James W. Howerton
Taylorsville, GA
Standardization Instructor Pilot - Georgia Army National Guard

Hello Richie:

"I heard about it first on www.jetjobs.com. I then had a chance to look at a buddy’s copy. I started flying in 1969. In my wildest dreams I never ever visualized such a book...You have really have come up with a first... Quite an accomplishment! Kudos to you!"


"Your website is better than excellent. Your book preview gets five stars showing the book!"

Sincerely yours,

Vic Pett
San Anselmo, CA


"I just purchased your book a week ago (Everything Explained for Professional Pilot) and I wanted to say this is absolutely the best book out there for pilots!

I laugh my ass off while reading and I want to personally say thank you for the entertaining, knowledgeable, easy to read and UNDERSTAND simplified version of the FARs/AIM, and more etc., etc.

I was just sitting here pointing out some of the captions to my wife, showing her the actual FAR and comparing it to your interpretation. No contest!!

I am a Police Officer in Concord, NC and I'm working on my Commercial rating so I can instruct soon. I have learned more in the last week by reading through your book than I have during the past year or so of bumbling around with the “normal” learning methods.

I can’t tell you how often I said to myself 'Nobody ever told me that!'"

Great job Richie!

Andy Berry
Concord, NC


"I had a good chance to look through the book and do quite a bit of reading over the last four days. I can sum it up in one word, WOW! You have done an awesome job. It is so nice to pick something up and read it and not be put to sleep or bored by the "lawyer speak". Also, the art work is great. Thanks for taking the time to produce such a great product. I will (and have already started) tell all my flying buddies and pilots at work about the book. It should be on every pilot’s bookshelf. I don't know if you'll be up at OSH this summer doing any "signings". If you are, let me know and I'll look for you."


Randy Passerby
Chandler, AZ



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